the inlet of compressor is good indicator of system functionality, please make sure the freon is SLIGHTLY SUPERHEATED at the inlet of compressor

the lower is SUPERHEAT, the better the system performs cos' the freon is denser

in fact, SATURATED VAPOR is the best, but in case of sudden decrease in system load and if the system cannot respond fast enough, the compressor might end up pumping SATURATED MIXTURE (or worse SATURATED LIQUID or worst SUBCOOLED LIQUID)

"liquid hammering" is the terms to describe reciprocating-piston compressing against liquid

rule of thumbs:
1) at constant pressure, T > saturated temperature means SUPERHEATED
2) at constant temperature, P < saturated pressure means SUPERHEATED

1 ton of refigeration = cooling capacity of 200 Btu/min @ 3000 kCal/h (not 1000 kg of freon)

high-side vs low-side
the chemical formula for R22 = ?

1) why taking differential pressure as the indicator of lube oil pump performance ?
2) what is the function of hot gas bypass (HGB) valve ?
3) what is the difference between flooded evaporator & dry evaporator ?

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