I'm a fan of compression-ignition-engine @ diesel engine , thus the following discussion is based on diesel engine

in a four-strokes engine, the intake-stroke, compression-stroke , power-stroke & exhaust-stroke is completed in 2 revolution of the crankshaft , the ratio (rpm) of crankshaft to camshaft to fuel pump is 2:1:1

strong understanding this ratio would mean you are capable of setting the valves without knowing the firing-order

well , most people can handle engines with even number of piston by turning many times during valve setting , it is supposed to be done in 2 turns only !!

next challenge:
engines with odd number of pistons ?? you don't need the firing order & it can be done in 2 turns too !!

inline 1 piston
inline 2 pistons
inline 3 pistons
inline 4 pistons
inline 5 pistons
inline 6 pistons
inline 7 pistons
inline 8 pistons

Green Diesel Engine => lowering the emissions and odor of exhaust gas by using
1) catalyzed diesel particulate filter
2) ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel

MON, RON , PON, combustion


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