my baby

I went under her to check the under carriage

topped up the fan oil with a viscosity of 12,500 centistokes (cSt)

replaced the gear bush

dismantled the front-axle shafts to replace the boots

dismantled the rear-axle shaft to replace the wheel bearing

replaced the timing belt

I used to drive, but I have started to ride

to mainland Sabah

oops .... where to go !?

to Beaufort

to Papar

to Teluk Likas, then Yayasan Sabah, UMS, One Borneo, Sepanggar

to Tuaran

to Tamparuli

to Kiansom ..... it could be a tiny waterfall, but at least there is jungle next to the city

Perdana Park

Sabah is a beautiful state with unique culture

the journey in life

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